Monday, June 30, 2014

D.I.Y. American Flag Tank

I'm very excited for the upcoming holiday and was dying to make something to show it!  I found this tutorial on Pinterest and adapted mine from it.  Later during the week I'm going to do a post on how to style it so you are all ready for the holiday weekend.  I also have an awesome giveaway to celebrate the 4th, but before that happens don't forget to enter my Blogiversary Giveaway at the bottom of this post!

-Tank top(s)
-Blue fabric spray paint (I used Simply Spray in Blue Jay)
-Red fabric spray paint (I used Simply Spray in Red)
-Star stickers
-Painters tape (I used ScotchBlue Painter's Tape)

-Put the shirt on and mark with tape the top of your rib cage (aka under your boobs).  This mark is where you will put your first piece of tape.
-Tape horizontally along the shirt with even spaces between each piece of tape.  If you want thicker stripes you can double up on the tape, or leave more space between the pieces of tape (depending on if you want thicker white or red stripes).
-Decide how high you want the paint to go on the straps and put tape on each strap (you can see this in the picture, make sure the two straps are even).
-Above the stripes put the star stickers, you can do as few or as many as you want.
-Place cardboard between the front and back of the shirt, so the paint will not seep through.
-Take another piece of cardboard and place it over the top with the stars, spray the striped part of the shirt with red paint.  Allow to dry for a few minutes.
-Take the piece of cardboard and hold it over the striped portion, spray the star part of the shirt with blue paint.
-Allow the shirt to dry for at least 1 hour before bringing inside and removing the tape and stickers.

-Wait 72 hours to wash on cold and dry on low.


You only have 3 days left to enter to win, don't forget!

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  1. Great tutorial! Congratulations on making one year. That is so exciting.


  2. Very creative holiday DIY! Congratulations on your blogiversary!

  3. So fun!! This is such an awesome idea and it came out amazing! So cute!!

    <3 Shannon

  4. What a fun 4th of july project! I may need to try this! :-)

  5. Great idea! It looks so cool!

    Could you check out my blog and follow it on bloglovin? I will follow back!
    I have a new post everyday!

    Stay fancy!
    xxx Kelly-Louise

  6. Great idea for the 4th! Question I have though is, how would it stay that nice color when you wash it? That's always been my issue with making tie-dye etc, it just never stays.

    Stopping by from Meg's Mingle Monday :)

  7. My sister-in-law did this same thing for the 4th! Only a slightly different design :)

  8. WOW! I am so impressed by this! LOVE!


  9. that is so cute!! the stars are cuter though with all its colors and dots. but this one you did is so lovely! :)

  10. Wow-- what a great DIY! You make it look too easy, I'm sure I'd somehow mess it up :P

  11. That's such a fun idea! :) Love it and perfect instructions. Have a great week!

  12. This is such a cute idea! Going to try and squeeze this project into my schedule tomorrow :)

  13. Your DIY turned out so well! Perfect for the holiday. Stopping by from the link up.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

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