Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bubble Bath

What girl doesn't love to relax in a bubble bath?  I know I do & there are a few essentials that I have decided that you need for a perfect bath.

Bath Bomb
Lush makes the best around.  My favorite of theirs is the Butterball, it smells like a vanilla dream & leaves your skin silky smooth.
I love one that matches the scent of the bath bomb that way you are enveloped in the cozy scent of sweets, this one by Boulangerie smells delicious.
A Magazine
While you're relaxing it's always fun to catch up on your reading, if I'm not wrapped up in a book at the moment I love to read the latest beauty & fashion mags.
Fluffy Towels
When you finish your bath you want a warm fuzzy towel to dry off with; the luxury doesn't have to drain with the bath water.
Body Butter
Finally you want to lock in all the moisture left behind by your bath bomb.  As you can imagine I love to keep in the same scent family again, this natural butter by Lavanila smells amazing & leaves your skin super hydrated. 
I wish I was one of those people that could take baths all the time, but they are really more of a treat for me on a Saturday or Sunday.  I like to take them when I can just relax for the rest of the day, as I usually feel like a pile of putty afterwards!  I especially love when I can slip into a pair of cozy pj's & allow my body butter to really soak in.  It's always great when you can lay in bed & watch a movie once you've made yourself all comfortable.  I've been really wanting to take a bath lately, they're just so much more luxurious then a shower, & after writing this I will definitely have to take one soon!
Are you a bath lady or more of a shower girl?  What are your essentials for when you take a bath?
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  1. I LOVE, love a good, long, hot bath. My friend just bought me a tray for my tub (I have a claw foot, so no shelving around it) to store a book and a wine glass. Perfection!

  2. Loved this post on IG! That bath looks so luxurious right about now!


  3. Loveeeeee Lush - all of their stuff is so great!

  4. I'm a total shower girl, although I think if I had a bathroom like the one pictured above, I could be persuaded! :)


  5. Ohh, I think I'll take a bath today! Thanks for the inspo!


  6. Lovely post. Looks like the perfect bath.


  7. It has been a while since I've taken one of these and Ill have to soon. I like your list, it will help me relax more.



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